UNTOUCHABLE at the age of 10 years old, Nyima sturggles to break free of the bonds of Caste Discrimination. 

Without access to proper education, this family will never have the opportunity to change their stars. Unlike most of Nepal's population, Nyima's family is not only poor, but they are socially un-accepted by those who look down on them due to their ranking in the age old social caste system. After losing her father and youngest sister, Nyima is determined to seek out a new life, to change her destiny through higher education. We now have an opportunity to help these kids, to make an example that those who have nothing are capable of everything. Help us make a statement to the world that no human should be considered "Untouchable" - every child is worthy of love. 

The film, Nyima, is a modern day story of a low caste family struggling to survive and redefine their cultural identity in the isolated Himalayan village of Samagaun. Immersed in Tibetan culture and deeply rooted in Buddhist beliefs, they have been pushed to the outskirts of their community where they live in a captivatingly raw and unforgiving environment. Their story as poor Dalits (persons of the lowest caste) is eloquently told through the curious mind of a young protagonist, Nyima. The viewer will go on a cinematic journey through this ancient village examining the daily responsibilities and traditions of this timeless community. Nyima offers breathtaking scenery with a cultural lens for understanding the greater social problems of the caste system in Nepal, while providing hope for a better future for Dalit families everywhere.

While every Dalit person is born with limited choice or chance toward radical self improvement, there are some developing communities breaking free from the confines of their social oppression. Because of a younger generation working toward greater equality, change is growing on the cultural horizon. The implications of these progressive communities become the catalyst for a new Nepal moving toward a brighter future.

Directed by: Cody Tuttle


Cody Tuttle is a photographer / filmmaker based out of Bishop, California.

During his first trip to Nepal while documenting a climb on the North Face of Annapurna 1, a devastating 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal killing over 9000 people. He would then spend the next 4 months documenting the quake's devastation for the upcoming film "Above The Clouds" Directed by Eric Valli. During this time he met a man who was laying on his death bed with no access to medical support and a family of 9 living in a small tent on the outskirts of the village. Working with local NGO Karma Flights, their team was able to get him the medical attention he needed. Pemba would spend 3 months in a hospital in Kathmandu with his son, who has never seen a motor vehicle, or used a modern shower before. After his return to his family he was paralized due to the blood poisoning. Because of his caste, he did not receive the long term medical attention he would need to survive. He left behind his wife and 7 children, with no way to make a living, or send their children to school. His youngest daughter would later die from phenomena. Nyima, 10 years old is determined to change her family's legacy and break free of this ancient caste based society.